SUDAN University of Science & Technology System of Libraries

Sudan University of Science and Technology Libraries system is one of the largest academic libraries in Sudan and consists of 20 libraries located on ten university campuses. The deanship of libraries Affairs is currently headed by Dr. Najat Ahmed Mohamed. The deanship consists of six departments: Beneficiaries Services Department, Group Management Department, Cataloging and Classification Department, Information Databases Department, Department of Digital Printing and Binding, Quality Control and Training Department.


Library Catalogue

Catalog of Sudan University of Science and Technology Libraries

Welcome to the Sudan University Libraries Index, which provides a number of services Searching for a book and knowing the library in which it is located and the number of copies available. 

Online Databases

ProQuest Database

A database with varied content and coverage of Scientific journals in various fields, including medicine, science, technology and business, with thousands of videos on healthcare, psychology and nursing and other disciplines.

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Research for Life databases

Research4Life provides institutions with online access to academic and professional peer-reviewed content.

Binding Services

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