Dean Message
najat Ahmed Mohamed

Proctatin (read) in the name of the lord and cherisher, who created."Created man. Out of A (mere) clot of congealed blood, Proclaim and thy lord is Most Bountiful. He who taught (the use of) the pen. Taught man that which he knew not".
The first revelation of Koran is this Sura "Alaq", commanding reading. The Sura mentions the pen by which man is taught which he does not know. Allah swears by the pen and by what is written by the pen in another Sura. What is recorded by the pen is the information in different forms, paper form or electronic form. This swearing refers to the importance of writing and emphasizes its value. Man took care of writing since ancient times and he wrote on different materials, leaves, clay, leather, wood and others. Then came the printing press after the invention by Gutenberg in the middle of the fifteenth century and that has given writing a strong push by making it easier and facilitated its dissemination.
The development of printing, and publication continued until we reached the era of electronic information and the virtual library. Through writing, a book is made containing information, data and documents and by reading, this information is retrieved and used for the benefit of the reader . Hence, come, the role of the library in making the book available and encourages reading and research. Reading is a basic skill indispensable for humans especially in the modern society.
The university library is part and parcel of the education system and one of its basic pillars. It is considered as complementary to the programmes and objectives of the university. Hence, comes our concern towards the library and its acquisition with recent publications that serve the faculty, students and researchers.
The Sudan University of Science and Technology Library consists of twenty college libraries. We have set a plan to build a multistory central library which includes beside the administration offices , reading rooms , show room, electronic library and other requirements. We hope when this project is completed it will be an eminent feature in the university. This university web site is meant to acquaint the browser with the University Libraries and facilities available for him omit.